What's right for you, may not be right for others.


Forbes believes people should put a snapshot of themselves on the internet to give potential suitors an idea of one’s interests, hobbies and accomplishments. Some people think it’s weird if you don’t do this, I think it’s weird if you do. Here's to being weird…

I was in the music business for 11 years. I’m a voting member of the Grammys. I’ve also dropped a Grammy on the floor. I know a guy name Oscar who was the fastest man in the world with no legs, I’ve also dropped an Oscar on the floor. I don’t know anyone named Emmy, but I dated an Emmy winner and dropped several Emmys on the floor. 


I've met a King and a Queen, I’m also the arm model for the only known painting of Queen Maud of Norway. I love art. I’ve purchased it, auctioned it, sold it and broken it. I’m not as clumsy as it seems. I've raised over $35 million for charity and I'm an unapologetic factual political and news junkie.


I worked for the Elvis Presley fan club and owned a proper cocktail bar in Scandinavia; my specialty, people falling in love with me whilst drinking my specialties.


People tell me I should do stand-up comedy or be on television because I'm funny, funny like popcorn popping; That doesn’t sound fun, I can't be funny on command. I'm secretly a fan of Twinkies, Carly Simon, 70s Disco and old Hollywood. 


Having lived and worked in five cities and three countries, I've been told I'm a little bit cultured and a little bit rock 'n roll. Did I mention I'm writing books? My own and for others too.

 Better to shun the bait than struggle the snare.  - William Blake